What to Look For in the Best OTF Knives

Choosing the best reviewed otf knives is an important decision. This type of knife is an all purpose knife and can be used for everything from cutting to carving. The first step is to determine your needs. If you just need a knife to do basic tasks, such as opening cans, grabbing tools, and so on, then you can get a small kitchen knife or even a paring knife. If you need a multipurpose tool for general use, like opening bottles and chopping firewood, then a general purpose knife is more than sufficient.

OTF Knives Customizable & Designed For Hard Use - RavenCrest Tactical

The first thing to remember is that whatever knife you decide on, it has to be double action. While some double action knives are very easily upgraded, most double action knives are designed to work in one hand only. However, if you already have a basic woodworking or similar skills, you can still upgrade your knife by purchasing a second blade. An OTF knife really works only when you press a switch located on the handle of the knife.

There are a lot of different name brands of OTF knives, but they all have the same basic features: lockback, drop point, and clip. Most designs will also include a thumbstud to keep the blade locked in place, whether you are cutting or stroking. Look for models that are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, as they are usually more durable. Some benchmark designs, especially those sold in stores, come with a scissor or other blade mechanism to prevent damage during everyday use. The handles of these knives can either be flat rubberized grips, or textured wood finished handles.

Some OTF knives that are being sold in shops include the following: Diamond point, D-frame, Elite Forces, F&T, H2 notwithstanding, Jolly Dandy, LA Police Gear, Remington, Rugged Warrior, and Schrade. The aforementioned knives have all been released by different companies and are designed for everyday use. However, some of these are tactical knives that were intended for military or law enforcement use. For example, a Diamond point can be used as a standard survival knife in the civilian market, but will most likely be more effective if it is sharpened and made into a tactical folder.

If you are looking for a knife that can take on a number of functions, look for a multi-functional design. These types of knives have a fixed handle, but can be switched to a closed handle in an instant. Some models may even include a coin pocket or an additional blade steel, which allows for both blade assembly and concealment of the handle. These designs will most likely not work well as a general purpose knife, as its multi-functional feature may make it impractical to use as an everyday carry knife, but as a backup knife or disguised weapon.

When it comes to ease of use, safety features are often overlooked. It should go without saying that a sheath is extremely important when it comes to selecting a folding knife. A sheath adds an extra layer of safety to the blade and also helps to minimize damage to clothing or equipment when it comes without the knife. Make sure the sheath comes with a zipper to aid in closure and to prevent the sheath from coming off in use. Remember that you don’t necessarily need a full-length knife, but it is useful to have one in your bag or waistband.

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