Situations Where You Need Land Surveying Services

There are many situations where you might need land surveying services. Perhaps you want to build on someone else’s land, or you’re taking out a mortgage. Whatever the case, you will need a survey to get started. The following are some common scenarios where you may need the expertise of a land surveyor. Keep reading to learn more about these situations and how you can benefit from them. A land sydney surveyors can help you determine exactly how much land you actually own.

It’s legal to build on someone else’s property

Whether you’re looking to build a house, fence, deck, or addition, you should consider whether it’s legal to build on someone else’. A land survey can help you ensure that you’re not violating any setback requirements and won’t be building on someone else’s property. In many cases, a land survey is required before a building permit can be issued.

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If you’re purchasing a home, a land survey is essential. Legal demarcations, whether natural or manmade, can be inaccurate. You may be buying a property where a previous owner or current owner built on the land, which wasn’t listed in the legal description. A land survey can also reveal easements, public rights-of-ways, or encroachments.

It’s necessary for subdivision

Whether you plan to sell individual lots of land or generate property for development, land surveying is essential for a subdivision project. Regardless of the purpose, the final result must include good building sites, efficient street layout, and assured drainage. The accurate layout will ensure ease of construction later on. Subdivision projects typically include an exterior boundary survey, a topographic survey, and an interior tract layout. Depending on your specific needs, these services can help you meet these objectives.

Often referred to as “subdivision platting,” a subdivision survey is an essential component of developing an area. It shows the original dimensions of a parcel and determines how to best divide the property into separate lots. The information from the survey is used to develop the subdivision’s plan, including roads, parkland dedication, and drainage and utility easements. The maps can be used to set standards for road construction and improve public health.

It’s necessary for building a fence

Before you start building a fence on your property, make sure you have a land survey conducted by a professional. A land surveyor can help you locate buried pipes or wires, as well as the slope of the land. A land survey report will also help you determine if you have to remove an existing fence, or if it’s safe to add another one. You can also have boundary markers placed along the boundary line of the property for additional cost.

When building a fence on your property, you’ll need a land survey. While you can try to locate the property lines on your own using the deed or by visiting the local zoning department, you are likely to make mistakes. A fence that is built without accurate measurements could turn out to be disastrous, and you’d end up having to tear down the fence and start again. If you hire a land surveyor to do this work, you can avoid these costly mistakes.

It’s necessary for building a deck or patio

You may need a land surveying service for a deck or patio when you’re starting from scratch on a new property. In most cases, you’ll need to acquire a building permit before you can build. In some cases, a site-related plan will also be necessary. Also, electrical permits may be required if you’re installing new outlets and lighting. Land surveying services can vary widely in cost. For a rough estimate of the costs, you can use an online fee estimator.

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