A 30kw Solar System Generates 120 Units Per Day – How Much Power Will Your Home Use?

The Australian power grid is probably among the most costly in the whole world. The traditional grid made up of national power corporations has been one of the major reasons why people have been seeking alternate sources of energy. It may be one of the major reasons why the windmill has become such an important industry in Australia. Many new industries have been set up by large corporations as well as government departments in Australia. With all these developments it is no surprise that there is a great demand for efficient and cheaper electricity. For this reason, many companies are now offering 30kw solar system for commercial use. This is designed to help residential as well as commercial properties cut down their electricity consumption. Moreover, a conventional grid made up of a national power corporation may not be the cheapest means when it comes to maintaining your company premises fully powered throughout the day. Furthermore, it’s good for your company to take a proactive step forward in the right direction by switching to a commercial-grade solar energy system for commercial purposes.

There are several benefits you can get from having a 30 kW solar system installed on your commercial property. Firstly, you would reduce your monthly electricity bills because of its contribution towards reducing your carbon footprint. This is even more significant if you are a small scale enterprise that produces less than a hundred kilowatt-hours of electricity at any given time. Also, having a 30 kW solar system installed on your property will ensure that you are connected to the national grid so you can be eligible for government rebates, grants and incentives. This means, your monthly electricity bills can be greatly reduced.

If you’re running a small scale business and you have very small roof space, installing a 30 kW solar system may cost you more than it’s worth because the system size may be too large for your roof space. Remember, having a bigger system installed will cost you more because of installation cost, labour fee and other things. So it’s best that you choose a system size that is more appropriate for your daily use.

There are certain facts you need to consider before you invest in a 30 kW solar power system. First, it’s important for you to find out about the different kinds of panels available in the market so you can have a clearer idea when making your decision. Some common types of panels include single-axis, double-axis, fixed, flexible and shared systems.

Next, you must figure out how much electricity your commercial property needs. Consider factors such as peak and off-peak hours so you can determine the amount of power consumption. Finally, figure out if your location will be able to get sufficient sunlight throughout the year. Remember, a 30 kW solar system generates 120 units per day, which means it will take at least four hours of direct sunlight for you to generate enough electricity for your home. This means if you want to run all of your household appliances without generating any excess electricity, this type of system is perfect for you.

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