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Camperman Australia AU

Camperman Australia is an East Coast based campervan hire company with Branches in Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach and Brisbane Queensland; Sydney NSW and Melbourne Victoria. We provide you with the opportunity to independently explore Australia.

Camperman Australia's Campervans are fully equipped and self contained for your self drive adventure. Our campervans are safe, well maintained and serviced for your self drive holiday.

Explore Australia in your fully equipped and serviced campervan. The price is right and the campervans come fully equipped for your holiday experience.

Sun, sand, surf, rainforest, mountains and outback all in one day. The East Coast of Australia is the best place in Australia. Start your holiday with us.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Camperman Australia AU insurance

SINGLE VEHICLE ACCIDENT: A vehicle being involved in a ‘Single Vehicle accident’ will incur upon THE HIRER additional liability of AU$250.00. i.e. if a client runs into a Kangaroo or a cow or a parked car, or an awning of a building etc. these are examples of a single vehicle accidents.

INSURANCE EXCESS Campervan: An Insurance excess/Security credit card deposit of AU$500.00 (19, 20 and 21 year old drivers extra $2000.00) will be taken at the point of pick-up. This payment will be held as a bond for all accidents and for damage and administration charges for traffic violations. There is an additional separate bond of $500.00 or ($2000 age Bond required for the second and additional accidents.

Overhead Damage on Campervans is not covered under our Insurance.

For security purposes, only a credit card can be used to provide a security deposit. The credit card holder must be present and able to sign for the security deposit upon vehicle collection. The credit card holder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle.

Note 1: Bond/Security Deposit Return. The Security is fully refundable when the vehicle is returned to the correct location. The bond will be returned to your credit card two weeks after the completion of your rental, and all other terms of the Rental Contract have been complied with. If there is damage to the vehicle on its return, the Bond will be used to cover the cost of such damage up to the amount of the relevant Liability.
However, if the terms of the Rental Contract are breached and the security deposit is insufficient to cover the damage then any extra cost will be charged. If the vehicle is returned with any damage, or has been involved in an accident, whether the fault of THE HIRER or not, the excess/security deposit will be retained by CAMPERMAN until the full cost of the damage is determined, or the claim has been settled by the Third Party’s Insurance Company.
The excess/security deposit will then be returned to THE HIRER in full if it is determined that there is no liability to the third party under Australian Motor Vehicle Laws and/or with Australian litigation. Please note that Third Party claims can take months or even years to resolve. CAMPERMAN cannot force the destiny of these claims, it is up to our Insurance Company and the Third Party, be they insured or not.

Note 2: Excess/Security deposit returns (Single Vehicle Accident). Single Vehicle accidents are defined as any damage that is done to the vehicle when no other vehicle is involved, or when the accident is with another vehicle, but THE HIRER cannot provide CAMPERMAN with the driver’s license, name or the registration number of the other vehicle. Examples of single vehicle accidents include such things as running into trees, guideposts or animals, whether intentionally or not, whilst travelling forward or reversing. 
Collision with animals are considered to be a single vehicle accident, as too is overturning the vehicle, or any other damage done to the vehicle for any reason when no other vehicle is directly involved. A single vehicle accident carries an additional $250.00 excess to be charged against THE HIRER’s credit card at the time of the accident.

19 to 21 year old extra Insurance excess. If any driver aged 19 to 21 (during the rental period) will be driving the vehicle, the rental is subject to a security deposit of $2500. All other clauses in our Terms and Conditions apply as normal.

DAMAGE COVER: In the event of an accident, personal injury is covered through Registration 3rd Party Insurance. All vehicles are fully insured for own their damage and 3rd Party Property Damage, but THE HIRER is responsible for the Insurance Excess.

ACCIDENTS: In the event of the vehicle being involved in an accident (either single or two or more vehicles involved) where damage in done to either CAMPERMAN’S vehicle, any other vehicle involved in the accident or any person injured, THE HIRER or co hirers must contact CAMPERMAN Australia within a maximum of 24 hours of the accident occurring.
A CAMPERMAN insurance form supplied by CAMPERMAN must be filled in completely and accurately, with detailed diagrams, descriptions of the accident, complete details from all parties involved in the accident, signed and dated and forwarded to CAMPERMAN immediately. If the above terms and conditions are not adhered to all insurance will be cancelled and the full amount of all repair costs and damages including lost revenue or medical expenses, refunds due to lost time for future customers and accommodation fees required will be forwarded to THE HIRER.

CAMPERMAN'S LIABILITY: CAMPERMAN will not be liable to THE HIRER for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by delayed delivery of the vehicle, or by the vehicle not being as described in an AGENT’S brochure, or by the vehicle not being suitable for THE HIRER’s purposes. The photos on our website are taken by the staff of CAMPERMAN Australia and are updated yearly. CAMPERMAN will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience from change in drop-off location caused by natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, hailstorms, earthquakes, etc., nor for any personal injury or damage to THE HIRER’s property caused thereby.

TYRE/WINDSCREEN DAMAGE: THE HIRER’s insurance policy has an $500.00 excess (19, 20 and 21 year old drivers an extra $2000.00 bond is required). Tyre damage, flat tyres or spiked tyres are at the cost of the hirer. Average tyre prices in Australia are $190.00, so please take care of the vehicle’s tyres. The renter will be responsible for tyre damage and windscreen damage up to $500.00.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: THE HIRER agrees that the vehicle rented may only be used to carry the maximum number of passengers as shown on the Rental Agreement or as dictated by licensing authorities. CAMPERMAN will not accept any liability if these Terms are breached.

VALUABLES: CAMPERMAN assumes no liability for valuables left in or stolen from the vehicle. Please do not leave valuables in the vehicle because of possible theft. In major cities it is advisable to leave the vehicle in a Caravan Park and take public transport to the city. Please note: Insurance on personal property is THE HIRER’s responsibility.

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